We buy forest

We buy forest across Lithuania from natural persons and legal entities at the best price. We purchase coniferous, deciduous, mixed forests, buy your forest, forest land or timber for the best price in the market. We will help you to prepare all necessary documents for the purchase – sale immediately.

If you decide to sell the forest:

  • We come to a place, we evaluate the holding in the species, age, height.
  • We evaluate the forest size.
  • Forest assessment and geographic position.
  • We evaluate the access to the forest.
  • We will offer you the best price in the market.

If you decide to sell deforestation:

Selling deforestation advantage of the fact that you remain legal owner of the forest and forest after cutting it, you can regrow forest.

Sell the forest for deforestation:

  • We will assess the steep forest, calculate forest volume and offer you the best price for the deforestation.
  • We will prepare the forest management plan, execute the necessary documentation for logging permit.
  • We will do the logging work.
  • Harvesting will be carried out safely, without harming the forest.
  • We handle logging sites selection documents, required for the logging permit.
  • Forest will be managed according to the all the logging rules.