We prepare forest management plans

If you do not have a clear cut-off line, we will help you sort out the necessary documents that are required to prepare a forest management plan.

Private forest internal management plan consists of the following components:

The title page.
Holdings ground plan with its marked stands.
Holdings forest characteristics by forest inventory data.
Forest cutting part (cutting the main rule, set out the duration of the project and noted the plan stands, stands learner list).
Forest restoration part (regrow plots designed all the best habitat conditions corresponding silvicultural techniques, crossbreeding schemes and target species).
Mandatory forest and environmental protection requirements.
If necessary, private forest holdings in the inner contents of the management plan can be extended.

Internal management projects smaller than 10 hectares of private forest holdings in force for twenty years, and private forest holdings with an area of 10 hectares and above – ten years.

Having a timber holding area not exceeding 3 hectares, according to a simplified procedure for farm forest holding can be without a management plan. In this case requires the following instruments:

Forest project:

Logging sites selection drawing of 1:10 000;
Pre-harvest inventory sheet;
Reforestation project;
Assessment Act.
Project duration – 10 years. The project may be organized in one timber holding or group.