Other services

We provide forests assessment services.

Forest value depends on the following factors: Forest size of the location of the forest is located, an entrance to the wood, and many other factors, forest price assessment is knowledge-intensive process in forestry, so we can offer timber price assessment services, we will help organize all required documents forest assessment.

We carry out forest logging (clear, step-wise, thinning and sanitary).

Forest harvesting rules set the forest cutting (logging, wood extraction) forest biological, ecological and technological requirements. We will do your harvesting operations, according to all the Lithuanian Ministry of Environment requirements set out, as well as to manage all the documents needed for logging operations.

We take care of the forest protection and maintenance

We provide forest protection and forest maintenance work to be carried out by experienced professionals. We perform preventive and sanitary works, we provide detailed information about the condition of the forest. Properly maintained forest becomes more ecological and commercial value.

Reforest logging sites

We prepare afforestation projects, as well as working on afforestation projects to receive EU support, Accommodate applications, consulting support issues. In the forest planting, forest protection works, reforest logging sites.

Harvestable trees marking a strip of clearcuts

Harvest-able trees marking, basic, intermediate and sanitary logging sites. Stock exchange Separation and preparation of documentation for crossing.

We buy timber and logging residues, so the cutting area so pulled into the warehouse. Also we buy firewood. Suitable trees, shrubs in ditches and fields.

We buy the branches of biofuels.

We buy raw materials for biofuels across Lithuania, branches and wood waste for biofuel production.

We provide timber transportation services.

We provide local and international timber transportation services, we can offer timber services.